Q1. What different types of EDIUS subscriptions are there?


  • For Monthly the system will automatically take the same value from the credit card on the same month day as the original purchase date.
  • For Annual Monthly the customer has now signed up to 12 equal monthly payments. Each month the system will automatically charge the customer’s credit card and invoice them with the same value each month.
  • For Annual one payment is taken at the point of purchase from the customer’s credit card. This payment will cover 12 months of use.


Q2. Why is my purchase rejected when I select my Billing address?


  • One reason could be that the store is configured to only accept payment from people who live in the USA, Japan, UK or Europe.



Q3. Are the prices displayed on the products including or excluding sales tax?


  • For the UK and Japan sites, the prices are shown including sales tax. For the USA and Europe site the prices are shown excluding sales tax. Based on the customer address in these areas, the correct tax amount will be shown separately.


Q4. What currency will my credit card be billed in?


  • This will depend on the storefront that you have made your purchase in (Japan=Yen, USA=$, UK=£ and Europe=Euros)


Q5. When will my subscription renewal be charged to my credit card?


  • Your subscription fee will be taken two days before your subscription renewal date. You will receive an email updating you on the payment.



Q6. How do I stop my autorenewal for each of my subscriptions?
  • Go to My Subscriptions in My Account area, to turn off autorenewals.



Q7. How many emails should I receive from, after my purchase?


  • When purchasing an Edius product, you will receive two emails. One as the purchase invoice and the other containing the License serial numbers



Q8. What does it mean when I select to buy more than 1 of an EDIUS floating license product?
  • Quantity is used to select the number of people that can access the floating license simultaneously



Q9. If I want to purchase the full versions of the GV File products, after using the trial version, who do I contact?


  • Please send an email to Grassvalley sales using -


Q10. What is Grassvalley’s process for contact support for this site?
  • Please complete the Contact Us form on the site - CLICK HERE
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