Quasar File

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Enables format conversion of media files in software

Why Quasar File? / Features

World’s best intelligent adaptive de-interlacing technology delivering maximized vertical resolution for all types of content

Optimized to deliver consistent quality for all interlaced and progressive content

Typical applications:

International broadcaster converting SD and HD interlaced files for progressive transmission

Playout service provider down converting HD assets to SD assets for global transmission

Post production house up converting HD material to 4K for cinema screening

Trial software can be run on a single AMD R9 270 GPU and will typically offer a 1080i > 720p conversion duration of two times program length for under $200.


GV File V3.0 - What's new?

HDR to HDR processing to and from PQ / S-Log3 / HLG 

HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG) down conversion to SDR (BT709 / REC601) using Grass Valley's Advanced Tone Mapping

SDR (BT709 / REC601) up conversion to HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG)

Decoding of AAC audio is now supported for all relevant source file types.

Processing times have been reduced by up to 40%; the exact performance improvement will be system and conversion specific (positive improvements have been measured in most cases).

Timecode overlay


GV File V4.0 - What's new?

Enhanced audio routing – now fully flexible!

Prores decoding and encoding now enabled on all 64-bit operating systems

Added decoding of 32KHz, 44.1KHz and 96KHz audio

Added support for up 32 audio channels per stream (where appropriate)

Added non-adaptive HDR to SDR down mapping mode

Added custom transfer curves to tailor up/down/cross mapping

BT2020 and HDR metadata now included during encode (where appropriate)

Added decode and encode support for DNxHR wrapped in MXF OP1A

Added DNxHR 4:4:4 decode and encode

Audio channels can now be grouped for off-speed conversion to maintain respective phase

Added Full Screen Stretch conversion mode and overscan controls

Added 'Follow Input' (source resolution) mode, when generating Apple ProRes files

Added support for Nvidia RTX GPU family.

For full details  of all improvements, upgrades and added functionality see release notes.


GV File V4.0 - Trial Download - What happens next?

After you have downloaded the trial licence an Authorized Grass Valley reseller will be in contact. To locate an authorized reseller please CLICK HERE


Find out more at www.grassvalley.com



File Wrappers

MXF OP1a, MOV (ProRes / DNxHD/ JPEG 2000/ DNxHR/ AVC-1 (decode only), MTS (AVCHD only), MJ2 (JPEG 2000 only), MP4 (H.264 Long GOP only), MPG (MPEG2 only)


Video Codecs

DNxHD, DNxHR, DVCPro 25/50/100, XDCAM HD, D10 (IMX 30/40/50), AVC-Intra 50/100, AVC-Intra RP2027 50/100/200, DPX* 10bit, Apple ProRes, JPEG 2000 (Lossy / Lossless / DCI), AVC-HD (MTS only), XAVC (I-Frame/Long GOP), MPEG2, H.264 Long GOP only


Video Formats

SD, HD and 3Gbps broadcast standards ; 2K,4K 8K and custom resolutions ; Custom frame rate (12-300Hz)


Conversion Modes

Intelligent adaptive de-interlacing and image scaling, Up, down, cross conversion



48Khz PCM audio pass-through, PCM 96Khz Decode, AAC:32Khz, 44.1Khz, 48Khz Decode. 48Khz PCM Encode only, Audio Stream Routing, Audio Channel Shuffling, Audio gain and delay.



Closed captions 608/708 SMPTE 436M, Closed caption Line 21 IMX only



GV File Client, Watch Folder, FIMS Media SOA Framework V1.0.7.



Timecode handover



Aspect ratio conversion , Color space conversion (REC601 / BT709 / SMPTE 2020), RGB Legalization 700/721/735, Luma Clipper, Luma / Chroma / Black Level, HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG) to SDR (BT709 / REC601) down conversion using GV’s Advanced Tone Mapping , HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG) to HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG), SDR (BT709 / REC601) to HDR (PQ / S-Log3 / HLG) up conversion

Operating Systems

Windows (64-bit) Server 2016/2012/2008 R2, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Linux (RedHat, CentOS) , OSX 10.9 and 10.10 (Client only).


Hardware Requirements

Minimum Configuration

1 x 4 core 2.5 GHz processor, 1 or more GPUs (Multiple cards should be matched)


System Memory (SD/HD)

1 or 2 GPUs, min. 16GB, 3 or 4 GPUs, min. 32GB


System Memory (4K)

1 or 2 GPUs, min. 32Gb, 3 or 4 GPUs, min. 64Gb


AMD GPU Support

Min 2Gb for SD /HD, min 4Gb for 4K, FirePro, HD6000 Series**, HD7000 Series**, R7 Series**, R9 Series, AMD DRIVER (See AMD website)


Nvidia GPU Support

Min 2Gb for SD /HD, min 4Gb for 4K, Quadro, Tesla, GeForce GTX, GeForce RTX, NVIDIA DRIVER (See NVIDIA website)



Conversion times will vary depending on hardware specification. * Trial Feature. Not all GPU variants of each range have been verified by GV Engineering. ** These cards have not been verified by GV Engineering

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